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Frequently Asked Questions
Who needs an organizer?
Anyone who wants to reduce stress, increase productivity, save time, save money and declutter their space.
Organizers can help busy people with overwhelming projects.  You can reclaim
time wasted on looking for lost items.  Clients save money by finding lost gift cards,
checks, and on late fees for unpaid or late bills.

Many clients are overwhelmed by large organizing projects, have very busy lives or
may be experiencing transitions in their life:
  • Seniors downsizing
  • New Parents
  • Moving and preparing to sell
  • Unpacking in your new home
  • After an illness
  • After the death of a loved one
  • Marriage/merging households
  • Home Business owners
Some clients have challenges that prevent them from being as organized as they need to be like ADD/ADHD,
depression, physical disabilities, and hoarding issues.

What should I do before the organizer comes?
Nothing.  Organizers are nonjudgmental professionals and truly have seen it all.  It is more authentic for us to
see where you naturally tend to stack, and pile if you don't clean before we come.  It is also not necessary to
purchase assorted tubs and totes in advance. While buying organizing products is fun, it is best done after
we sort and purge the things you don't want anymore.  We can then decide the appropriate size containers
for remaining items.

Neat Streak Policies
As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and as a Board Certified
Professional Organizer®, I serve my clients with integrity, honesty, competence and objectivity.  I keep client
information confidential.

Fees are based on a hourly rate.  There is a one hour fee for assessments   
Work sessions are two hour minimum.

There is no fee for delivering donations (up to two locations) or recycling,
however, delivery to consignment shops will be assessed at one half the
hourly rate.

Travel time greater than 30 minutes will be an additional fee.  Any fees for
parking are the responsibility of the client.

There is a $60 charge for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Payment is by either cash, check, and all major credit cards and is due the day of services unless prior
arrangement has been made.

Appointments are available Monday-Thursday 8 am-9pm, Friday 8am-4pm .

Neat Streak serves the Central Ohio area and Englewood, Florida and surrounding communities.

Call 614-975-8655 or email for more information.
What services do you offer?
Neat Streak will help you get any space better organized so you can find things faster and have more time
for the activities you'd rather be doing.  We will work together and decide what is to be kept and organized.
The process can work in several ways depending on your needs and time.  

For some clients,we begin with a one hour assessment.  During this time, the client shows us the space, I
ask questions, give suggestions, take measurements, propose solutions, and provide an estimate of the
time needed for the project. We then schedule a date to begin the project.  There is a one hour charge for

For others, who have tighter time constraints, we schedule an appointment to start the project and we roll
up our sleeves and begin. As we work through the space together,we may make a list of needed completion
products to be purchased by the client or Neat Streak for the next session.  

When the project is completed, I will take anything that can be easily hauled away to the donation center and
return the receipt to you. I can also take recyclable items.

Other services like photo and recipe organizing, and shopping for organizing products are also available.
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