What Neat Streak Clients Say
Dear Melanie.
Thank you so much for your tireless effort to organize our home before our triplets arrived.  We are enjoying the     
organized has never been easier.

We love the attention to every detail in our closet renovations.  It is a refreshing change to walk into our now tidy and
functional closet.  The nursery is a delightful place to be thanks to your vision for the clothing storage bins and pull out

It is our sincere pleasure to recommend your talent to anyone who needs a little boost in the right direction when it
comes to organizing and being less cluttered.  

Thanks again for a job well done!

Helene and Jeff S.
I am writing to recommend Melanie Dennis of Neat Streak Professional Organizing and her exceptional skill in
managing a very confused garage. We (she and I) spent less that three hours total.  We sorted, filed, tossed, and made a
nice box of items to donate to charity.  Ms. Dennis was able to put a finite definition on what I would REALLY use and
what I was hold on to "just in case".  Her clear, forthright attitude dealing with my old things made it obvious as to what
I would truly want to keep.  
The most wonderful part of the experience was when Ms. Dennis pulled out her power drill and installed new shelves and
hooks that made it very simple to  keep my newly organized garage in its pristine state.  Then, she hauled my donation
items to a charity location that provided a tax form  that she returned to me.  This is a wonderful service for anyone who
has trouble letting go of mostly unused items.       Someone who can point out what is of value to save, and what can be
recycled to someone else, takes great deal of strain and stress out of what can be a traumatic situation.  This is the
TRUE value of Neat Streak and Ms. Dennis' service.

Laurie H.


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Allowing a stranger into your home to go through your personal items is taking a risk-but it is the first step in reaching out for help when things get out
of hand. If you take the leap of faith and hire a professional organizer make sure it is Melanie Dennis.

Like working alongside a trusted family member, Melanie transformed my second bedroom into a beautiful walk-in closet and made it all seem easy.  
Her demeanor is one of fun and accomplishment. She works collaboratively, is not pushy and helps YOU make decisions by offering lighthearted
suggestions and professional guidance. Key point, she is economical. Considerate of the expense of materials, Melanie makes the purchases so you
the customer can benefit from her professional discount.  She is also environmentally conscious, taking away any cardboard and plastic to recycling

The pace is comfortable and you never feel rushed but rather enjoy the process. Her style is to manage the project while allowing it to evolve.  In my
case, we incorporated and creatively re-used some of my original storage units which resulted in an unexpected gain-a jewelry armoire! We were both

The experience left me energized to delve further into the de-cluttering process and you can bet Ms. Dennis will be back to help me through the tough

Sherri L. Palmer
City of Columbus Program Manager, Keep Columbus Beautiful
May 2015 note:  Ms. Palmer has moved and her fabulous closet was taken down and relocated to her new home!
Sherri's New Walk-in Closet
Sherri closet 1
Sherri's closet Ta-da
Sherri's closet 2
I really appreciate all the help and guidance you have given me over the past year. Without you helping me get my house organized, I wouldn't be
able to do near what I do in regards to dating, and entertaining because I wouldn't let anyone over. You helped me break the CHAOS --as you
called it -the "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.  I actually had customers over Saturday and grilled out before they went on to the Muirfield
Tournament. I felt so great and you have helped me so much.

Again thanks,
I moved from a four story 1928 vintage home into a two-bedroom apartment; even though I sold or gave away
many items, I was overwhelmed when it came time to unpack the boxes. I found Melanie, reviewed her website
and called her; she came out the next day!  In three visits, we had installed simpler and smoother organizing
systems. I had a tremendous burden removed by her. I highly recommend her for any organizing, sorting or
general clean up of "extra" items around your home.  
S.Y.   --Gahanna, Ohio